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#ifndef SUPPORT_H
#define SUPPORT_H

#include <libgen.h>

char *basename(char *path);

#define IS_WHITESPACE(c) (c==' ' || c=='\t' || c=='\r' || c=='\n')

char *remove_trailing_slash(char *path);
char *lowerstr(char *str);
char *strcasestr(const char *haystack, const char *needle);

typedef struct
  int offset;
  GTime t; /* GTime is equivalent to time_t */

} scroll_state_t;

char *strscroll(char *str, char *separator, int width, scroll_state_t *st);

void charset_init(gboolean disable);
char *utf8_to_locale(char *str);
char *locale_to_utf8(char *str);

/* number of characters in str */
size_t my_strlen(char *str);
/* number of bytes in str */
size_t my_strsize(char *str);


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