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#ifndef SCREEN_H
#define SCREEN_H
#include <ncurses.h>
#include "list_window.h"

#define IS_STOPPED(s) (!(IS_PLAYING(s) | IS_PAUSED(s)))

typedef struct
  WINDOW *w;
  int rows, cols;

} window_t;

typedef struct
  window_t top_window;
  window_t main_window;
  window_t progress_window;
  window_t status_window;

  /* GTime is equivalent to time_t */
  GTime start_timestamp;
  GTime status_timestamp;
  GTime input_timestamp;
  GTime last_cmd;

  int cols, rows;

  int mode;

  char *buf;
  size_t buf_size;

  char *findbuf;
  GList *find_history;

  int painted;

} screen_t;

typedef void (*screen_init_fn_t)   (WINDOW *w, int cols, int rows);
typedef void (*screen_exit_fn_t)   (void);
typedef void (*screen_open_fn_t)   (screen_t *screen, mpdclient_t *c);
typedef void (*screen_close_fn_t)  (void);
typedef void (*screen_resize_fn_t)   (int cols, int rows);
typedef void (*screen_paint_fn_t)  (screen_t *screen, mpdclient_t *c);
typedef void (*screen_update_fn_t) (screen_t *screen, mpdclient_t *c);
typedef int (*screen_cmd_fn_t) (screen_t *scr, mpdclient_t *c, command_t cmd);
typedef char * (*screen_title_fn_t) (char *s, size_t size);
typedef list_window_t * (*screen_get_lw_fn_t) (void);

typedef struct
  screen_init_fn_t   init;
  screen_exit_fn_t   exit;
  screen_open_fn_t   open;
  screen_close_fn_t  close;
  screen_resize_fn_t resize;
  screen_paint_fn_t  paint;
  screen_update_fn_t update;
  screen_cmd_fn_t    cmd;
  screen_title_fn_t  get_title;
  screen_get_lw_fn_t get_lw;

} screen_functions_t;

int screen_init(mpdclient_t *c);
int screen_exit(void);
void screen_resize(void);
void screen_status_message(char *msg);
void screen_status_printf(char *format, ...);
char *screen_error(void);
void screen_paint(mpdclient_t *c);
void screen_update(mpdclient_t *c);
void screen_idle(mpdclient_t *c);
void screen_cmd(mpdclient_t *c, command_t cmd);

int screen_get_mouse_event(mpdclient_t *c,
                     list_window_t *lw, int lw_length, 
                     unsigned long *bstate, int *row);


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