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/* sound an audible and/or visible bell */
void screen_bell(void);

/* read a characher from the status window */
int screen_getch(WINDOW *w, char *prompt);

/* read a string from the status window */
char *screen_getstr(WINDOW *w, char *prompt);
char *screen_readln(WINDOW *w, char *prompt, char *value,
                GList **history, GCompletion *gcmp);

/* query user for a string and find it in a list window */
int screen_find(screen_t *screen,
            mpdclient_t *c,
            list_window_t *lw, 
            int rows,
            command_t findcmd,
            list_window_callback_fn_t callback_fn,
            void *callback_data);

void screen_display_completion_list(screen_t *screen, GList *list);

void set_xterm_title(char *format, ...);


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